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How to Improve your Golfing Skills with a Swing Analyzer

How to Improve your Golfing Skills with a Swing Analyzer

Golf is a difficult game to master. It takes years of practice to perfect that swing, to navigate an 18-hole course deftly and to overcome the challenges posed by wind, landscape and your competition. There are many who would pay for a trainer and would have someone watching every move during practices to identify mistakes and to recommend changes. Not everyone can afford to have such help. Most aspiring golfers or amateurs would have no one but themselves and perhaps their amateur friends. Trying a golf swing analyzer is one of the best ways to perfect that swing. You can bring in the aspect of wind, landscape and where on the course you are later.

There are many types of golf swing analyzers. The simplest and cheapest of them all would be a small gadget that you can stick to your club and then take your swings. The device will record your swing and suggest changes. You can get minimal golf swing analyzer ratings with such devices. You need not be at a golf course to use such a device. You can practice your swing back home, on your yard or wherever and whenever you feel like. Golf swing analyzer ratings are well worth looking into before your next round of golf.  The other option is to opt for more expensive and sophisticated software that will track your club, the entire swing, capture a video and then run the recorded data through the software or algorithm which will eventually tell you where you are going wrong and what you should improve.



Sophisticated golf swing analyzer ratings would shed light on everything, your posture, back lift, how you are gripping the club, the speed of your swing, the angle and the manner in which you are striking the golf ball. The software would tell you the elevation of the golf ball, the velocity and the distance of the ball, if you would find the hole or how near the ball would eventually be at given the choice of landscape and wind conditions. These golf swing analyzers are holistic and are used by all premium clubs and championship courses seen here.



Having an analyzer will do wonders for your game. You would be able to rectify the mistakes, you can hone your skill and eventually perfect the swing. It is impossible to understand the chinks in your game unless someone points it out. No golfer can actually see himself or herself while taking the swing. Right from the head position to the feet, every part of the body plays a role in the swing so one cannot look out for a reflection. One cannot any self assessment when one is not trained enough.



What to Look for in a Water Damage Restoration Company?

What to Look for in a Water Damage Restoration Company?

When your residential property or commercial establishment is potentially damaged by water, it is indispensable to hire a qualified company. Even though it is tempting to deal with the water damage yourself, a reliable service provider has the expertise, equipment, and experience that are worth paying for. Time is also important because stagnant water can cause extensive and expensive damage.

If you are planning to hire a professional company, here are one of the things to look for.

Immediate Response Time

When you discover a water damage, it is essential that you call a relevant service provider right away. Water can damage your house within a short span of time. Your drywall, wood and other materials inside your property would not be functional and durable. One company we interviewed, gogreenrestorationinc.com, has built their reputation based off of their immediate response times. They can eliminate complex problems and safeguard your home extremely fast, which is key when dealing with water damage.

Innovative Equipment

Removing stagnant water in your house is not enough. Hiring a quality restoration contractor is the best thing that you can do. Though water gets into walls, flooring, as well as the structure of your house or business establishment, doing the job on your own would not help.

By hiring a trusted provider, it has the latest technology or equipment that can address the problem in an efficient manner. It can speed up the drying process for your convenience and comfort. Also, it can help reduce mildew or mold growth.

Years of Experience

Hiring an inexperienced water damage restoration company is not an ideal decision. They might not understand how to ascertain effective and efficient solutions to fix the water damage. On top of that, they might provide an unreliable and poor service you do not deserve, and possibly might not recover from.

Amicable and Professional Technicians

Water damage is not an uncommon issue these days. It happens most of the time for homeowners and affects a broad range of people. So, searching for a reliable service provider will be a breeze. The key is to do your research beforehand.  Reach out to friends, relatives, read online reviews, and ask good questions.  Because water damage can leave lasting effects on your home if it’s not treated correctly, it is absolutely vital that you find an trusted and competent company to handle the situation.  It’s better to pay a little more now, than pay a fortune down the road

 Affordable Services

Aside from quality of work, pricing is definitely a factor when deciding on which company to go with.  You want a company that can give you a thorough and hassle-free experience you will love for a lifetime at an affordable cost. Checking for discounts or deals is always a great way to go in order to save money.  However, as we mentioned above, don’t sacrifice quality in order to save a little money.

Indeed, water can cause an array of potential issues. When water damage is not fixed quickly, you will encounter more expenditures. So, you have to take action as soon as possible when you notice something wrong with your property.  Hopefully now, after reading this, you have a little better idea of what to look for before hiring a company to fix the problem.  If you have any questions, let us know in the comments!



How To Stain A Wood Floor

How To Stain A Wood Floor

It is usually like this, you have moved into a new house but unfortunately the wooden floor has not got the exact details and patterns you had hoped for. You have made a compromise upon this bitterly, but you are not satisfied. Do not worry. You can always stain a wood floor according to your own choices and preferences. So the question arises: How do you do it? Well, wooden floors are not too tough to stain and involve a pretty simple set of steps. Let us look at them in detail at Floors Plus.


Following materials are needed for staining a wood floor:

  • Paint stirrer
  • Mop
  • Paint tray
  • Floor sander
  • Clean rags
  • Stains


  • Sanding the floor:

Just like you like the floor neat and clean, clean the floor and sand it. Basic purpose of sanding is that it will help in preparing a surface that can be easily stained.

  • Stain Test:

You have to make sure that the stain you are going to use for staining your wooden floor is just the perfect one. You can always reconfirm it even after buying it. To do so, just drop few drops of the stain on a limited area in the corner of room and see the effect. You must not stain whole floor in one go.

  • Applying the stain:

Stain must be applied in a proper way. Just like you paint a drawing ensuring uniformity, make sure that you are scrubbing the floor with the rag or applying tool in a homogeneous manner. Your floor is going to look stunning if you have ensured that each and every inch of floor is stained equally. Heterogeneous application of stain will end up in a floor that is not a pleasing sight at all.

  • Adding a counter stain:

Many people call it protective stain as well. This is done to ensure that the coloring stain does not simply damage the wood. Hence, applying a protective stain like polyurethane will lead to a longer life span for your wood floor. Necessary caution must be taken while scrubbing the floor with both coloring stain and the protective stain. Add the protective stain over the coloring stain.

  • Drying:

Nothing is sweeter than the fruits borne of patience. Wait as you must, for floor to dry up. It takes mere hours only before the wooden floor changes into floor of your own choice. You can lay down carpet, once it has been dried up completely.





Epoxy Floors To Increase Property Value

Epoxy Floors To Increase Property Value

Epoxy floor coating is the general term for concrete coatings but new technologies has created new products with a different name. The product we use is a polyurea. It looks and performs like epoxies with superior features and benefits. Application systems are different as well.

Polyurea Features and Benefits

  1. Surface Preparation Polyureas soak into the floor, epoxies stick to the surface. Polyureas need a floor that has been ground smooth removing highs and lows in the surface. This allows the coatings to soak into the flooring becoming part of the cement. This prevents possibilty of coating failure from moisture pressure.
  2. Crack and Patch Repair – Polyurea repair products are activated by moisture and compatible with polyureas whereas many crack and repair products will not hold up to moisture and lack the chemical cross linking with epoxies.
  3. Scratch Resistant Scratched epoxies have frayed edges that trap moisture and dirt. Polyureas develop straight edges that do not trap dirt and moisture. They are easy to keep clean.
  4. Non Slip Epoxy surface prep requires shotblasting creating increased surface area like with coarse sandpaper. The negative is this system does not remove the highs and lows in the floor. It merely follows the surface. The result is a coating thick in the low areas, thin in the highs. Non slip aggregate becomes non existent in thick areas as it settles to coating bottom. In high areas where its thin, the non slip aggregate protrudes the surface and is easily dislodged.  Polyureas are a consistent thickness with controlled non slip aggregate. It works.
  5. Decorative We use 1/16th inch chips that are not porous and looks like quartz. Quartz though decorative is porous and absorbs dirt. Extensive cleaning of a dirty quartz epoxy floor increases porosity making floor even dirtier.  One example is here at the concrete contractors Sacramento office.

These features are not apparent to consumers until well after the floor gets used.  Though the word epoxy may be generic for industrial coatings, polyureas solve the problems that have plagued concrete floor owners for decades. For more information read through our site or call us at 316-303-1772. We are based in Wichita Ks and travel throughout the state.

Proper Interior Design for Your Show Home

Proper Interior Design for Your Show Home

Marshall Erb is a well known interior designing firm that has been serving people for the last 15 years. They are known for the beauty and delicacy they bring to people’s life in the shape of interior decoration. Their specialty is to blend tradition and modernism in such a way that looks classic and trendy at the same time.

They have a long list of high-class customers who are extremely happy with their work. According to the owner of the company, luxury is what shows that a job is perfectly done. Interior designers by Marshall Erb are qualified to create unique and personalized environments for their customers, keeping in mind their taste and priorities. Their work has been featured in the following magazines like interior designer in Chicago headquarters:

  • LUXE
  • Décor
  • Renovation Style Magazine
  • Traditional Home Magazine
  • Chicago Life Magazine
  • Kitchen Trends Magazine
  • Dream Home Chicago
  • Chicago Tribune
  • CS Interiors
  • Sophisticated Living Freshome

Moreover, the company has been listed in the top 20 interior designers of Chicago.

Areas of specialty

Following are the areas in which Marshall Erb specializes:

  • Residential design
  • New constructions
  • Whole house lighting
  • Millwork and Cabinetry
  • Kitchen and bath design
  • Custom furniture design
  • House renovation and remodeling
  • Artwork selection, framing, and placement
  • Commercial design
  • Medical and healthcare offices
  • Commercial office interiors

Customer services 

Marshall Erb has one of the finest team of designers. They are not only well-qualified but also well-mannered and well-groomed. They know the ways to tackle different types of clients. All of their designers have complete grip over their field and guide their clients according to their style and preferences. They will provide you with all the possible options that fall in your budget and space.

The designers at the firm communicate with you and encourage you to explore new ideas and options. This way you can try out something that you have not thought about. The best thing is that they make your dream design turn into reality. You can have your dream bedroom and a perfect living room with their luxurious ideas. 

A List of the Most Common Pests to Avoid in Your Home

Buying or renting a new home or apartment is a wonderful thing.  However, all of that can come crashing down if you don’t properly maintain your home, leading to a pest/rodent problem.  The thing about pests is that they can spiral out of control quite quickly and cause some serious damage to your house.  That’s why it’s important to know what to look for, so you can avoid them at all costs.

Pests control in any area of the country is an annoying but often necessary function. Living in a large metropolitan area, insects and rodents can often become problematic through no fault of your own. Fortunately, the sooner you treat your home for pests, the sooner you can be rid of them and the potential dangers many of them can bring.  Here, we outline the most common pests you’re likely to run into, so you know what to look for


Rodents, such as mice and rats are common in city environments. They are drawn by the smell and the presence of easily-accessible foods. They will also seek shelter inside buildings during bad weather. Once inside they can be difficult to eradicate on your own. They can ruin food supplies and chew on just about everything from clothing and paper goods to wood and wiring. They can also carry disease and other pests such as fleas. Pest control management is a good approach to controlling this problem.

rodent infestation

Fleas, ticks and bed bugs

Fleas, ticks and bed bugs are another menace, often brought into the home by animals such as cats and dogs or infested materials. These pests feed on blood, meaning they will bite other living things to find a food source. This is not only painful but can spread disease such as malaria and Lyme disease. Thorough pest control service means treatment of the premises and the animals living there in order to eliminate the problem. Often this includes fumigation of the interior spaces.


Cockroaches are one of the world’s most resilient insects. They breed rapidly and are resistant to many forms of commercial pesticides. Once in your home, they can cause all sorts of damage and are known to leave a foul smelling order behind. Insect control in this situation can be an ongoing process lasting several months or more to ensure all the bugs are destroyed.  One pest control Modesto company suggests using a caulking gun or boric acid to try and thwart these nasty creatures.

Another common insect that require pest control can be hornets and bees. While these creatures are needed to pollinate the flowers and crops of the world, you don’t need their hives too close to your home where your usual activity could be seen as a threat. Even one sting can be dangerous if the victim is allergic. However, removing a hive is dangerous unless you know what you are doing, so we suggest hiring a professional if you encounter one.

Other outside pests can also cause problems. Mosquitoes can get out of hand quickly, ruining your ability to enjoy the outside areas of your home or business. Ants can also be problematic if their nest is close to your home. Mosquito fogging and soil treatments can help reduce their numbers and restore your ability to enjoy your outside living spaces.

Termites are not harmful to humans directly. However, they can cause substantial damage to your home or property long before you are aware of their presence. They live primarily underground and chew through anything made of wood. They can work their way up into your home, through the walls and into ceilings. Left untreated, structures can become unsafe. Pest control companies have several ways of dealing with this invisible threat.

If you are having trouble with insects or even suspect an insect problem, you should contact a reputable pest control company as soon as possible. Early treatment can save you from costly damage, the risk of illness and the general discomfort living with insects and other pests can bring.

Get a Fence For The Perfect Yard

Get a Fence For The Perfect Yard

Built in 1910 in a quiet neighborhood of the Historic Railroad District, this lovingly restored Inn reflects the exquisite taste, gracious hospitality, and charming life-style of the original owners, Mamie and Julius P. Wolfe. The Wolfes loved to party and entertain in high style, and their grand ballroom, which still contains some of the original lighting fixtures, is now used as a parlor, with its comfortable French Provincial furniture, and dining room.  One of the more spectacular parts of the Inn is the amazing hand carved fence that extends across all 2000 acres of land in the area.

The Inn’s full breakfast, consisting of fresh squeezed orange juice, hot beverage of choice, fresh fruit and fresh baked goods, choice of hot or cold cereal, and breakfast entree which changes daily, is served here on an elegantly set table. The foyer, originally the library, has a writing desk and telephone for guest use, a library of “Great Books,” and a small twenty-four hour beverage and snack center.

The five air-conditioned bedrooms, each with private bath, are distinctively decorated in different themes. Four of the bedrooms have a queen-size bed and the other has two full-size beds and a private entry with small balcony. All of the beds have comfortable mattresses, top-of-the-line linens, fluffy down comforters and pillows, and most offer a view of the beautiful mountains surrounding Ashland.

Guests can relax and enjoy the cool summer breeze on the large verandah, picnic in the beautiful garden, or curl up with a book in the private reading room. At the end of the day, they will find that the pampering is still not quite over. The golf course is separated nicely by a beautiful wooden fence made by Fence company Grand Rapids.  The amount of wood used on the fence is almost the amount used on much larger properties like the ones you may see on the PGA Tour.  The fence stands 6ft high and has custom embezzled dinosaurs carved into the end of it.  The Inn provides fresh chocolate truffles and port as its way of saying “pleasant dreams.”

There is plenty of on-site parking ,and it is s only a short walk to downtown and the Tony award winning Oregon Shakespeare Theater, the Oregon Cabaret Theater, museums, art galleries, boutique shops, and quality restaurants, as well as beautiful Lithia Park with its hiking and biking trails and tennis courts.

Andover Massachusetts Real Estate Taxes

Since all golfers are architects in their own minds, courses are always under the microscope of players who think their layout could use a little nip and tuck work. Country clubs are the worst offenders of the never-sit-still approach, rarely leaving their course alone and, more often than not, making their course worse in a bizarre quest to keep up with the course down the street.

It often amazes golfers how bad and expensive redesign projects turn out, especially in-house efforts. It’s almost always a product of members trying to be architects and contractors at the same time, failing to approach the project like they would any other business situation: leaving the work to the experts. After all, they are golfers and the ability to tee a ball up entitles them to complete knowledge of all things golf, right? Of course not. But now those in charge of golf courses looking to remodel have no excuses when deciding to undertake a restoration or remodeling job thanks to the American Society of Golf Course Architects, who are offering them a chance never presented before. It’s called “Remodeling University,” a one-day seminar that will give all the basics you need to know before stepping into the land mine territory better known as a remodeling project.

Committee members, average golfers, club professionals and superintendents were all welcome to pay their $99 for a full day seminar on the do’s and don’ts of undertaking a remodeling project. And for PGA Professionals, you earn six CEUs for attending and GCSAA members earn 4.5 professional development credits. The rest of us got a nice lunch and plenty of reading material. The last of the first four seminars wrapped up two weeks ago in Los Angeles, and based on the ASGCA’s success with the programs “Remodeling University” may be coming to a town near you next year.

In the coming months check out its Web site, www.golfdesign.org, to find out if this pilot program will continue in cities outside of this year’s four hosts: Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta and Chicago.  We have especially seen a good amount of golf course homes being sold through http://apexinvests.com/, who has been making a killing on the par 9.

Yours truly attended the seminar at Riviera Country Club in Los Angeles, which featured in-depth presentations by architects Damian Pascuzzo, Cary Bickler, Don Knott and Michael Poellet. Jay Morrish was present to add one of architecture’s bigger names to the roll call, though the audience didn’t get to hear any of his wisdom on redesign as he served the master of ceremonies role.

The presentations were each about one hour long, perhaps a bit too long to hold the attention of novice architecture students. The architects did their best to keep it light with plenty of jokes about their Donald Ross plaid ASGCA membership jackets. Pascuzzo livened his presentation up with some images from “Caddyshack,” though it was hard to tell if any of the committee types found the photo of Judge Smales funny or if it hit just a little too close to home.

The most effective and practical presentation came from former Robert Trent Jones Jr. associate Don Knott, now practicing design on his own. Knott presented scenarios to contractor Dan Garson of GBS Golf Works in Mountain View, Calif. The presentation was probably a bit overwhelming in information for some of the novices in the audience, but to anyone who has begun work on a project and reached the stage of dealing with a contractor or is trying to do the work in-house, the presentation made many excellent points.

Naturally, there were a few moments that forced one to chuckle, particularly when ASGCA members presented before and after photos of their design work. Nothing against the “after” photos, however the irony was hard to miss when the “before” shot was the work of other ASGCA architects. And in the excellent brochure passed out along with a very detailed pamphlet, John Harbottle’s remodeled sixth green at the Los Angeles Country Club is featured. The before picture shows
a rather bland green, incidentally a redesign of George Thomas’ original by former ASGCA President Robert Muir Graves.

Which reminds us that even when undertaken by an ASGCA member, remodels are tricky business. But at least “Remodeling University” openly presents the issues involved in redoing your course and certainly does not paint a rosy picture of the process. But the presentations certainly don’t leave you feeling down about the notion of enhancing your course.

San Antonio Real Estate Market

San Antonio, also known as the City of San Antonio, is the seventh-most populated city in the United States and the second-most populous city in the state of Texas, with a population around 1,500,000. It was the fastest growing of the top 10 largest cities in the United States from 2000 to 2010. The city straddles South Texas and Central Texas.  San Antonio has all the things that any cities can possess. State of the art infrastructure, huge business centers, top of the line educational institutes, extraordinary health facilities; it has everything. The residential side of San Antonio is not behind by any means. There are residential places available to cover the people from all walks of life. From high class to middle class and lower class, all can find a place to live and work. San Antonio is the best example of American Dream.

The San Antonio, real estate market, is at the match with the overall development of the city. The city is booming and so is the real estate. The real estate has seen a hike in prices ranging from 4% to 5% in last year.

As San Antonio is becoming one of the leading business hubs in the country, so all the big firms and multinationals will be looking to open their offices in the city, so if you have ample amount of money to buy you a place in San Antonio then now is the time to do so. As the real estate business is one of the lucrative businesses and it can get you huge profits because you never know when a big firm can get interested in buying your land offering you a price which you cannot refuse.

With economic activity comes the residential activity, so the residential real estate market is also a huge market to invest in and trade in. Buying and selling of residential plots and homes are also a good business as the prices saw a hike of almost 5 percent sin one single year. The condition of the residential real estate market is such that 2400 houses were sold over 80 days and the average price was around $200,000. So it is obvious that the market is moving fast.

Apart from the facts mentioned above about the San Antonio Realtors and San Antonio Real Estate market, it is also worthy to note that the real estate business in San Antonio also saw a hike due to the increased housing projects being started to accommodate the influx of the people coming to do business in this admirable city.