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It is usually like this, you have moved into a new house but unfortunately the wooden floor has not got the exact details and patterns you had hoped for. You have made a compromise upon this bitterly, but you are not satisfied. Do not worry. You can always stain a wood floor according to your own choices and preferences. So the question arises: How do you do it? Well, wooden floors are not too tough to stain and involve a pretty simple set of steps. Let us look at them in detail at Floors Plus.


Following materials are needed for staining a wood floor:

  • Paint stirrer
  • Mop
  • Paint tray
  • Floor sander
  • Clean rags
  • Stains


  • Sanding the floor:

Just like you like the floor neat and clean, clean the floor and sand it. Basic purpose of sanding is that it will help in preparing a surface that can be easily stained.

  • Stain Test:

You have to make sure that the stain you are going to use for staining your wooden floor is just the perfect one. You can always reconfirm it even after buying it. To do so, just drop few drops of the stain on a limited area in the corner of room and see the effect. You must not stain whole floor in one go.

  • Applying the stain:

Stain must be applied in a proper way. Just like you paint a drawing ensuring uniformity, make sure that you are scrubbing the floor with the rag or applying tool in a homogeneous manner. Your floor is going to look stunning if you have ensured that each and every inch of floor is stained equally. Heterogeneous application of stain will end up in a floor that is not a pleasing sight at all.

  • Adding a counter stain:

Many people call it protective stain as well. This is done to ensure that the coloring stain does not simply damage the wood. Hence, applying a protective stain like polyurethane will lead to a longer life span for your wood floor. Necessary caution must be taken while scrubbing the floor with both coloring stain and the protective stain. Add the protective stain over the coloring stain.

  • Drying:

Nothing is sweeter than the fruits borne of patience. Wait as you must, for floor to dry up. It takes mere hours only before the wooden floor changes into floor of your own choice. You can lay down carpet, once it has been dried up completely.