Different Varieties of Mattress

Different Varieties of Mattress

There are different varieties of mattress available these days. Different people have different types of comfort level and buying a mattress which is not giving you the comfort you require won’t be worth buying. If you feel that you are waking up with body pain, you are not sleeping properly, your mattress sags a little bit in the middle or you have bumps or lumps in your sleeping surface then you need to understand that these are the right time for you to change your current mattress.

Sleeping well is the most essential thing after a long and tiring day; therefore, it is very essential to buy the right mattress. Below is the list of few of the different varieties of the mattress which are popular these days:

Memory foam

While buying a mattress, if you are looking for comfort and great support, particularly as a side sleeper then memory foam would be the best choice for you. The memory foam is more popular because of its unique ability to conform to a person’s body while dispersing the weight evenly all over the bed, thus making it an ideal choice for the people suffering from joint aches, morning pains, and restless sleep. Since they are affected by temperature, the memory foam would also soften and conforms well to the sleeper in response to the body weight and body temperature. Moreover, the memory foam is resistant to bed bugs, bacteria, mold, dust mites and several other types of allergens.


Hybrid basically means combining two technologies or materials for making something new. Therefore, when it comes to mattresses, hybrid mattresses are created by combining the best two types of mattresses for having the most comfortable product. The most popular hybrid mattress is the combination of the advanced innerspring core and sophisticated memory foam technology. This combination creates a surface which offers excellent support, comfort, and durability. In some hybrid mattress, a material called Kaltschaum is used to manufacture it.

Water Bed

As a primary support system, the water bed mattress uses water. This type of mattress is best for the back sleepers. The water bed consists of a rectangular water chamber which is padded with upholstery materials such as fibers and foam. They are available in a hard sided as well as soft-sided design. The hard sided water beds have their water-chamber stored inside a rectangular wood frame, whereas, the soft-sided water beds have their water chamber stored inside a rectangular shaped rigid foam frame which is zipped in a fabric casing. In both of these types, the water chambers are then covered with upholstery materials along with paddings such as fiber and foams. Then they rest on a platform.

Air Bed

Just like the water beds, the air beds also use a chamber, however, the chamber of the air beds are filled with air. The air acts as primary support for the air beds. The air chambers are padded with fiber or foam upholstery. You can adjust the firmness level of the mattress in the air beds as the air chambers are adjustable. There are some brands which allow adjusting of each side of the air beds mattresses separately. An air bed mattress is perfect for the back sleepers and also for those couples who want different types of firmness.

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