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Buying or renting a new home or apartment is a wonderful thing.  However, all of that can come crashing down if you don’t properly maintain your home, leading to a pest/rodent problem.  The thing about pests is that they can spiral out of control quite quickly and cause some serious damage to your house.  That’s why it’s important to know what to look for, so you can avoid them at all costs.

Pests control in any area of the country is an annoying but often necessary function. Living in a large metropolitan area, insects and rodents can often become problematic through no fault of your own. Fortunately, the sooner you treat your home for pests, the sooner you can be rid of them and the potential dangers many of them can bring.  Here, we outline the most common pests you’re likely to run into, so you know what to look for


Rodents, such as mice and rats are common in city environments. They are drawn by the smell and the presence of easily-accessible foods. They will also seek shelter inside buildings during bad weather. Once inside they can be difficult to eradicate on your own. They can ruin food supplies and chew on just about everything from clothing and paper goods to wood and wiring. They can also carry disease and other pests such as fleas. Pest control management is a good approach to controlling this problem.

rodent infestation

Fleas, ticks and bed bugs

Fleas, ticks and bed bugs are another menace, often brought into the home by animals such as cats and dogs or infested materials. These pests feed on blood, meaning they will bite other living things to find a food source. This is not only painful but can spread disease such as malaria and Lyme disease. Thorough pest control service means treatment of the premises and the animals living there in order to eliminate the problem. Often this includes fumigation of the interior spaces.


Cockroaches are one of the world’s most resilient insects. They breed rapidly and are resistant to many forms of commercial pesticides. Once in your home, they can cause all sorts of damage and are known to leave a foul smelling order behind. Insect control in this situation can be an ongoing process lasting several months or more to ensure all the bugs are destroyed.  One pest control Modesto company suggests using a caulking gun or boric acid to try and thwart these nasty creatures.

Another common insect that require pest control can be hornets and bees. While these creatures are needed to pollinate the flowers and crops of the world, you don’t need their hives too close to your home where your usual activity could be seen as a threat. Even one sting can be dangerous if the victim is allergic. However, removing a hive is dangerous unless you know what you are doing, so we suggest hiring a professional if you encounter one.

Other outside pests can also cause problems. Mosquitoes can get out of hand quickly, ruining your ability to enjoy the outside areas of your home or business. Ants can also be problematic if their nest is close to your home. Mosquito fogging and soil treatments can help reduce their numbers and restore your ability to enjoy your outside living spaces.

Termites are not harmful to humans directly. However, they can cause substantial damage to your home or property long before you are aware of their presence. They live primarily underground and chew through anything made of wood. They can work their way up into your home, through the walls and into ceilings. Left untreated, structures can become unsafe. Pest control companies have several ways of dealing with this invisible threat.

If you are having trouble with insects or even suspect an insect problem, you should contact a reputable pest control company as soon as possible. Early treatment can save you from costly damage, the risk of illness and the general discomfort living with insects and other pests can bring.